Tomb Raider

Playing Through the Backlog – Tomb Raider

Being brought up largely a Nintendo kid Tomb Raider was one of those franchises I never got into. Even when I got into Sony consoles Tomb Raider was never a franchise I was told I needed to go back and play. It’s name just never showed up with the more

Holiday Gaming: WWP Returns

After a very, very long hiatus, What We’re Playing makes its return! Mike Correlli- “New year, new me,” I say as I begin another file in Skyrim. Every year without fail, I get the itch to start a completely new character in Skyrim and play the game in a different way than I have before.

Playing Through the Backlog: Tomb Raider

Remember early 2013? Recall how many good games actually came out during the span of January-March? Well, there were quite a few of forgotten gems that a lot of us missed or spent the rest of 2013 playing catch up with. Tomb Raider was one I didn’t personally get started