17 Minutes of Battlefield 4 Gameplay

The time we’ve all been waiting for: this recently released 17-minute long Battlefield 4 single player gameplay video featuring footage of the campaign mission Fishing in Baku. Absolutely loved the video; I would recommend watching this in 1080p if I were you!

Not the Shepherd You’re Looking For

It’s becoming hard to think of new, arguably-clever titles for all this BioShock Infinite promo. Still, I think I’m scraping by. The newest trailer, “False Shepherd,” gives us a look at your avatar, Booker DeWitt, his guns, his powers and some other dandy stuff. You know the drill; watch trailer,

BioShock Infinite Gets a Season Pass

Look, Irrational. I want to play BioShock Infinite. I am excited for BioShock Infinite. I have incredibly high hopes for BioShock Infinite.  But, seriously, enough about BioShock Infinite. It’s like talking about how great the cake behind the window is.  There comes a time in a man’s life where he


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