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The Best Game I’ve Ever Played

A lofty statement…       I’ve had a few games that I would classify as some of my favorites.  Final Fantasy VI, A Legend

January 23, 2014 Features, Gaming, News, Opinion
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TG’s Top Five (Most Fun) Games of 2013

As is customary for any game writer, I’ve got to come up with my top five games of the year. As I was reading through

ForcedBoxHorizontalThumb 0 FORCED Review Overall Score


FORCED (yes, the title is all caps) is a new action/RPG/puzzle Kickstarter-funded game released by fledgling Danish game studio Beta Dwarf Entertainment. FORCED tells the

October 24, 2013 Gaming
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Play By Play: Stossel on Violent Video Games

Let’s talk a bit about video game violence. I know it’s currently at a trough, with no recent hot-button talks about it surfacing for some

June 24, 2013 Features, Gaming, Opinion
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Gaming Is Not Ready For Sex

Sex. Sex. Sex. It’s everywhere, but it’s nowhere at the same time. A taboo subject that gets brought up in relation to gaming over and

June 23, 2013 Gaming, Opinion
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The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 18 – Mavis Beacon is a Babe

After another week-long delay, The Game Plan returns to find Nick dying a slow death at the hands of Dota 2 while mods are simultaneously

May 11, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Podcast 0

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 16 – Make It So, Number One

What makes a sequel a sequel? Why does Psychonauts hold up while Daggerfall doesn’t? Should The Walking Dead even be considered a video game? Today,

April 23, 2013 Gaming
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A Few Reasons to Consider Sitting Out of Next-Gen

Persistent rumors of an always-on (and anti-consumer) Xbox ensure the Internet stays worried about Microsoft’s eventual next-gen console announcement. Last week’s Adam Orth Tweet-frenzy debacle

April 12, 2013 Features, Gaming, PlayStation 4
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More Than Just A Game

I recently spent a week doing mission work in Honduras. I was shocked by the poverty I saw. A village I worked in that wasn’t

April 09, 2013 Features, Gaming
Podcast 1

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 14 – Spermaceti Power

After last weekend’s podcasting mishap, the Gamers Association guys return to reminiscence about the best of times with LucasArts titles that are impossible to get.

April 08, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
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Reconsidering What Ebert’s Words Meant

Throughout my life, few people have influenced me with their words more than the late Roger Ebert. I collected the majority of his bound works

April 05, 2013 Features, Gaming, News

I Like To Play Games

Ever since I started writing for this website, I’ve been thinking a lot more about myself and my opinions. It’s beginning to get a bit

March 05, 2013 Features, Gaming
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