3DS Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

After weeks of a severe internal struggle, I finally caved to the Animal Crossing craze and acquired a marvelous little machine you may know as the Nintendo 3DS. A brilliant thing, isn’t she? Built to exude charm even at the system level. In my time spent tinkering with the mechanics,

17 Minutes of Battlefield 4 Gameplay

The time we’ve all been waiting for: this recently released 17-minute long Battlefield 4 single player gameplay video featuring footage of the campaign mission Fishing in Baku. Absolutely loved the video; I would recommend watching this in 1080p if I were you!

Super Hexagon Video Review (Android)

Cheap games for you, support for indie developers, and direct donations to charity. That’s the Humble Bundle in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen. Pay what you wish for four wonderful releases, or meet the average – currently at $6.88 – and score five more. This latest offering even delivers full

Not the Shepherd You’re Looking For

It’s becoming hard to think of new, arguably-clever titles for all this BioShock Infinite promo. Still, I think I’m scraping by. The newest trailer, “False Shepherd,” gives us a look at your avatar, Booker DeWitt, his guns, his powers and some other dandy stuff. You know the drill; watch trailer,

Killer Is Dead’s Trailer Is To Die For

Suda51 and his Grasshopper Manufacture have never failed to come up with something just crazy enough to have the Internet buzzing. From the looks of it, they’ve struck gold again. I’ve enjoyed Grasshopper’s previous works to varying degrees, but this trailer had me absolutely ecstatic. I see traces of Killer

The Walking Dead Spoilercast: Episode One

The Walking Dead proved to be one of the most noteworthy releases of 2012, taking this industry by surprise and beating out a bunch of heavyweight contenders for Game of the Year awards. But is Telltale’s latest piece of greatness seriously as powerful as the hype train it’s riding on

Skylanders: Giants Unboxing Video

As you might’ve-but-probably-haven’t heard, Gamers Association got its grubby game-consuming hands on the Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack. A sequel to the best-selling console game from the first half of this year, Skylanders is extra special with its implementation of real-world toys as DLC stand-ins that can be sucked into the


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GTA 5 on PC is real and pre-orders will open up on Friday
GTA Online taken offline for maintenance
GTA 5 on PC is real and pre-orders will open up on Friday